Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Great Day for Photos

Today is a really lovely winter day in Florida.  The temperatures are hovering just below 70, the sun is out and there is just a gentle breeze from time to time. To take a walk today was not a difficult decision to make.  I headed across the bridge and walked seaward (or Gulf-ward  along the Cotee River.  There were a few trees blooming among the Spanish Moss hung palms and live oaks.  I don't ever remember walking along Grand Blvd. I have certainly driven along it. I found that there is a section of river-walk complete with benches and picnic pavilions. With today's weather conditions, some photos seemed in order.

I came across a small flea market in a church parking lot and saw some really interesting bird feeders made of glass ware - plates and bowls - and colorfully painted chick feeders to dispense the seed from a Mason Jar. I asked the couple if I could take pictures, and they were agreeable.  We joked about how the fellow drills the plates. bowls and jars inside a cardboard box to make the clean up easier if the piece being drilled broke in the process. He says he uses a diamond hollow point bit in case you're interested. I have some lovely old glassware, but this is not my field of expertise.

On the way back through the park I saw lots of ducks on the banks of Orange Lake and lots of kids playing in the play structure built maybe 12 or 15 years ago by volunteers.