Monday, October 20, 2014

Never Fear, Dear Readers!

I have not abandoned my endeavors in completing this chronicle of the Austen Family Expressed in fiber art. I have merely fallen behind in my assignments. Again! I have not totally caught up, in fact a new block was posted yesterday, however I thought I would offer you this update just so you know it's still a going concern.

The next block in the series is titled Fanny's Favorite and commemorates the life of Jane's eldest niece, Frances Catherine Knight. If you are at all interested in learning more about the distinctions of "class" in Victorian England please read Barbara Brackman's post here.

The block itself is a bit complicated with lots and lots of little pieces. Here's how mine turned out:

Just the choosing of the colors and then cutting accurately took me a long time and if I had it to do over again... (I really doubt I ever will.)

So this road block has been surmounted. Onward and upward, another color choice conundrum. I've used up a lot of the lighter brighter colors in my collection which is causing some difficulty.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Hop Goes On!

Evelyn in the Cotswolds
If you remember from my post last Monday I invited my friend at "Evelyn in the Garden" to continue the Around the World Blog Hop with a little introduction to her creative world. She has made good her promise and her blog can be found here. Please visit. She is, compared to gray hairs like me, a relative newby to the creative sewing scene. Young. Fresh. Gotta love her.

I would have thought you were crazy if you had suggested to me when I was at University that I would be able to teach sewing using things like the "Chat" function on Facebook. That's how I assisted "Evelyn" in a recent project where she had stepped out and started sewing something she had researched on the Internet. She's in the UK, I'm in Florida. When we signed off I really felt we had visited together. It was great. Oh yes, she was able to make a present of her project to a friend.