Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To be more crafty

Some might say I'm crafty enough, but might not be referring to working with my hands on useful projects to enhance life's experience. This year I will try to act on more ideas and use more of my stash and in general be more crafty!

I would also like to read the Bible in chronological order.

My focus word for the year is "fellowship". I need to expand my circle of friends and work on existing relationships.

How about you?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Update on the Quilt Repair

I have done a little work on the vintage Double Wedding Ring quilt. I last blogged about it here. It took a while to finish the binding, but that's been done a while now.  I did some re-quilting here and there where the original thread had worn out.

The time had come, I thought, to work on a fabric hanging sleeve.  In my head it could work, but in practice it's being just this side of impossible. Maybe just impractical. When I googled a question about hanging a scalloped edged quilt the answer was to use wooden compression quilt hangers. I still think the thing will be wavy.

I guess I was concentrating pretty hard on getting the bias binding on so that it wouldn't be puckery, but instead it did end up a bit wavy. After all the fabric was new and the quilt is quite soft. Sigh.

Anyone in the quilting/blogging world have a suggestion?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to all my friends in Blogland

This is the time of year we especially remember that our God came to earth as a human baby to live a life, die a death and rise again for us all. Praying you know the love of the living Jesus this December 25th and always.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Fifty-Five or better - BASSIF IV

So, I was looking at taking an apartment in a building not too far from here that caters to persons 55+ in age. There are some, like this one, that have an income limit because they get a tax credit. Something like that. Just one of the several things for which I never received an adequate explanation. So of course they can't just take you word for things, everything has to be checked out.  Just how extensive this everything was is another of those areas where the explanation was hazy.

There followed a lot of drama at this point, both on my side and theirs. Mine because I like to understand and I'm a people-pleaser, theirs because I was slow to realize all they wanted to know.  At the end of this phase I was feeling rather violated and vulnerable.

Turns out, my income is slightly more than what is allowed, so, since I wasn't interested in changing that, I could not take an apartment in their building.  This all took a couple weeks and here I am back at square one, looking for somewhere else to live.

I would have preferred being treated as though I have a brain or two in my head, I would have liked to have had, in writing, a list of the information that was needed  and an explanation, in writing, of the process used to calculate a person's eligibility.

Another learning experience. I now know the kinds of things to look out for. I don't remember apartment hunting being this obtuse. In Japan it was more a matter of the landlord being willing to rent to a foreigner.