Thursday, April 28, 2016

No New Pics Again! (But some old ones :))

For one thing I haven't gotten used to having to carry a camera instead of just using my phone for pictures. Another thing is that today when I'm thinking of it, it's mostly raining and quite dreary. Cold too while we're at it. I don't feel like tromping about in the rain to take pictures that probably won't turn out because the light's bad.

Life goes on here at the Guest Home. Dear friends from the old days and not so old days, the Taylors were here for almost a week getting acclimated to the time zone before going off to visit and serve in some of our churches to the north.

Golden Week starts tomorrow and carries on to Monday and next Friday which are all holidays and days off for our Japanese Staff.  So some things go to a low simmer for a bit.  The week of the eighth we have a good sized training happening here so full house and some cooking as well.  The summer holiday season is fast approaching and also the time of year for teams to be coming from various other countries for short term assignments.

My replacements are on schedule to be here the first of July so things are ticking along as to plan.

These are photos from a trip to Kyoto several years ago around this time of year.

Hopefully I will get motivated to photograph something in the next few days. Watch this space!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Back "Home" Again in Ichikawa

Sunday Afternoon,Windy with Rain Showers, 70 degrees.

For a long time I thought I would just never make it back here. It was easier to think that way when I returned to the US in 2012.  But here I am back in Ichkawa at the OMF Guest Home seeing old friends and seeing all the new stuff that has cropped up while I've been away.

Jet Lag was a bear this time.  I got next to no sleep in the 24 hours before the flight and closer to none on the flight, besides that I never seem to get younger. My first day back I nearly injured a couple people by just being unreasonable.  I'm somewhat better than that now, but still waking up at 5 am everyday.

Today I was back in my old seat in the Language Impaired section at church. Remembering a lot and realizing I have forgotten even more.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with some friends in the next weeks. Visiting some new places and revisiting some old haunts.

So if you're looking for me...