Monday, December 3, 2012

One of My Home Towns

Took a walk today to a nearby park and spent a quiet time on a nice bench riverside reading a book. This is one of the local rivers with nearly unpronounceable names of Native American origin. The name usually used in conversation is The Cotee River.  We are very near the coast, so the river is tidal.  If you don't know your geography you might be hard pressed to say which way the river actually flows.  Today it was quite placid, water gently rising as it entered from the Gulf of Mexico. There was the occasional splash of a jumping fish. Possibly mullet (I'm no expert.)
This photo is looking upriver to the bridge.  A bit overcast, but not so hot that way. Note the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees.


  1. Wish I were taking that walk with you.....

  2. Yeah! We could carry everything we needed in your new 'rolling stock'!

  3. Lovely walking!! Happy New Year!!