Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer's Here - probably

High temperatures for the coming week are all in the low 80's, summer weather for sure in many places I've visited. Here in south Florida I guess we would consider it just the beginning. There are usually a week or two of nights later on when the low temps overnight will be in the low 80's. So far, I have been able to open windows on all sides of the house and run a couple of fans to be comfortable.

The fabric arrived today to make the repairs on the antique quilt - the purple and natural print to replace the pieces that disintegrated.  I am still debating about the binding. There are those who think I must replace with the same color rather than changing to a more modern green. The jury is still out. Feel free to cast a vote with reasons if you like.

Last night I was totally shocked to see this quartet ambling around the church parking lot.  I thought for sure that given the attempt to cross the road the last time I saw them that their reckless behavior would have gotten at least one of them in serious trouble.

 I was becoming increasingly discouraged trying to make some new clothes that FIT, so I decided to make this bag.  It's from an Amy Butler pattern for an Overnight Bag and is being constructed with Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabrics. It's great to be able to sew accurately and smoothly with a sewing machine that has settings and power to accomplish the job without complaint.

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  1. I guess now that those birds have figured out how to deal with moving traffic, a parking lot is no problem. The bag must be happy having you at the controls of that machine.