Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Change or Chance?

The Austen Family Album Blogger, Barbara Brackman wrote this week about the changing fortunes of  Jean-Francois Capot de Feuillide, who was "an officer in the Queen's Guards, the Queen being Marie Antoinette" This of course, as has been discussed previously,was during the era of the French Revolution. What connects him to the Austen Family was his marriage to Eliza Hancock, Jane's first cousin.

It is suggested that the name of this block might have been Wheel of Chance rather than Wheel of Change as printed. Either seem to fit the life of Capt. de Feuillide who took chances with his fortunes during drastically changing times. You can read the more complete account on the Austen Family Album blog here.

Construction of the block appeared a bit more intimidating than it turned out to be. When I first saw it I thought, "be careful what you ask for" after last week's lament.

Lots of rain here in West Central Florida this week. Yesterday my morning walk was delayed by a half hour. Today I gave up on the idea altogether. It has brightened up considerably in the last quarter hour, but looking at current radar I see that there is more stormy weather headed our way. Lovely weather for the water birds in the area. I wonder if  they're eating the frogs that inhabit our retention pond? 


  1. Wow Georgia, intricate seams, and the finished block looks like the triangles have been folded to give that wonderful design. Was this one of the hardest, I like it so much, clear and crisp. Hugs,Jean.

  2. How many blocks does that make now and how many will be n the finished quilt? That one should go nicely with the bunch you have made.

  3. Ah, my two faithful commenters! This was Block 24, I believe there were 36 promised, so on the downhill slide. It was not the hardest or the easiest, but when the corner blocks are the same, but just rotated I get confused if I'm tired. I need to learn to put them together the same, then rotate them. I certainly have learned a lot and am so glad sensei sent me more of the taupe fabric so each block has some and there is a touch of continuity. Thanks for your faithful support!

  4. Oh Georgia, lovely to get your reply. If you send me your email address, I can forward the original from Kathy about the blog hop. It just tells us about the hop, the questions, and when you do your post, "tag" the next two on the hop. Everyone I emailed was too busy, and I can so understand that, or they had already been asked and declined, so could not accept my invite .When I emailed Kathy with this, she suggested the great idea to have an "open invite" and there it was. Yes, from Florida, maybe over to Japan, and all the way back again. Kathy's other lady Kim, I haven't seen her post yet, so maybe she wasn't able to do it. Hugs , Jean.

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