Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Caroline's Choice for Queen Caroline

Caroline was the second wife of George IV of England. This union was rife with scandal from the beginning and ended with her death just three weeks after the coronation. For more information about this part of British history, please visit Barbara Brackman's Blog, Austen Family Album here.

The construction of this block was fairly simple compared to some in this series and comprises four squares. Two are simple pinwheels and the other two I call hourglass blocks, though they may have another name I'm not familiar with.

The guidance for construction of the block suggested that the two colors of the hourglass should be of a light medium and a medium light value. My choice of fabrics (growing smaller all the time!) led me to this combination. I think more contrast would have been better. The photograph, despite my fiddling with it, wants to further blend the colors. The points are passably matched, so I've decided it's okay.

This is block #30, so six more to go!


  1. Georgia, the combination of colours works so well, and the block looks wonderful. 6 to go, you are making wonderful progress. Hugs.Jean.

  2. I can hardly wait to see this all come together. Sometimes cameras can't pick up the colors well but I think they will work just fine.

  3. Hello - I found your blog through Julie's My Quilt Diary. It's nice to find another quilter who spent time in Japan! I think your block is lovely and the lower contrast in the darker parts just adds some sublty.

  4. Thanks Nancy and Julie for your continuing encouragement. Hello Cynthia! It's nice to have someone comment on the blog. Yes, I did spend time in Japan. I took quilting classes there. This current project is working to convince me that I really don't enjoy quilting much, especially since I'm almost done with the most interesting part - the piecing - is nearly done. I think I'm going back to garment sewing!