Monday, March 25, 2013

Isn't She Lovely?

I've been thinking about getting a new bike ever since I got back to Florida.  Other things took a priority till this last couple weeks.  I was talking to a group  of friends last week and the fallout of that conversation was that one couple had a ladies bike, very minimally used that they wanted to give to me.  I was overjoyed!  They delivered it today and I think it's great!

Of course, 12 speeds is a bit ambitious for the New Port Richey area, however, it has those great knobbly tires and a nice sturdy frame.  It has a gel seat, which is also a fine thing. It's not exactly a "Mama Chari" like the one I posted about on my previous blog in October 2010, but a great bike, none the less.

In case you're wondering, it is in my house presently, in my Florida room, to protect it from the elements and from anyone with a sticky finger or two.


  1. I wonder if you will need fenders with those nice bumpy tires or will only pedal out in the sun. Happy biking. Those are great friends!

    1. Julie Dear, there is no mud in Florida. At least not this close to the coast. I don't like riding in the rain, so...?

  2. Georgia, a great gift, and you will enjoy using it so much now spring is turning days warmer, not that it gets too cold where you are, from what I read.good idea to keep it safely inside, a bit like the kids on Christmas Day, when they take their new pressies to bed that night. Greetings from Jean