Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday at the Farmer's Market

On Tuesday mornings in New Port Richey, during the more temperate months of the Florida year, Organic farmers from the area come to the NPR library on Main Street to sell their vegetables. I have been making it a habit to walk there and have discovered some great locally grown foods.  In addition, the walk is an easy one as it is not too hot yet.

The three farmers who have been regulars at the market since I have been visiting are: James who lives in New Port Richey in the winter months and Maine in the summer.  His farm is inside the city limits and I am planning to visit on a Saturday afternoon for his Garden Gathering. He will be leaving in May he says, just as I have become very attached to his Kale bouquets and salad mixes. 

Cindy lives in New Port Richey as well, but her farm is in north Florida where she and her husband spend their weekends. She grows and sells something called Blossom Sprouts which are a cross between Kale and Brussels Sprouts. They are something I will not be able to get anywhere else I'm sure until she has them again next year. She also has carrots in several colors as well as kale and collards and more.

The Lees are from China and now live in our fair city. They are shown here with Daikon Radishes.  They may be smaller than the ones in Japan, but the growing season is a bit different here. They also had a good crop of Mustard Greens.

The Market will likely go a few more weeks and is well worth the walk for me.  Like most people in the last third of their lives it reminds me of many things. Fresh vegetables like I found in abundance in Japan. Organic farmers like my father was. An event worth looking forward to on Tuesday mornings.

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  1. Thanks for taking us on your walk. I would say those daikon are a more reasonable size than what you find here.