Monday, May 6, 2013

Cool Monday

Sunny, breezy, Monday with a high of around 75 to be more precise. Mondays I usually do laundry. I didn't have a huge amount to wash, so I finally took down the curtains in the bedroom, bath and hall and washed and dried them.  I say finally because the curtains in this house, along with the mini-blinds, have been holding years worth of dust. I haven't done them since returning to Florida. I've been thinking about cleaning them, but just haven't had the burst of energy to get it done till today. I have some "new to me" drapes that I was given several months ago. I would like to hang them in the living room before the weather turns deadly hot. The thing holding me back from doing that is the hooks aren't compatible with the rods I have. They are quite long, so I may cut them off and make curtains out of them.

Not today though. The whole house is in need of a really good "redding up" as my mother would have said, so I think that is the afternoon activity, after I take a walk in this lovely weather.

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