Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wet Weather = Cooler Weather

Off and on rain the past two days has meant today's temperatures have been quite pleasant. It should be a good night to sleep. It was clear for the students at Anclote Elementary to have their Field Day on Tuesday. Field Day here in Florida seems to be an afternoon of fun and games outdoors for the students with parents and volunteers running various events. No actual competition except to better one's own performance.

Inside the school the teachers had extra planning time. I pulled worksheets out of math workbooks and filed for several teachers.  The kindergartners were learning to differentiate between reality and fantasy in the stories they were writing and I thought a lot about how little I could do at their age.  I didn't go to kindergarten. I started my formal schooling in first grade. I didn't know how to write or read when I entered and with the exception of basic math skills I learned to do all of the things these kids are learning - eventually.

Today was Quilt group at the church.  We're concentrating on small quilts for kids these days.  We have a missionary we support in Arizona who works with Native Americans and often visits new mothers in the hospital where she is chaplain.  She can use the quilts as gifts for the babies. Our church also supports a group in Tampa working with moms and babies and we will send them some as well. Sewing the tops together is a bit of a break from the bed sized quilts which are usually twice as big. We use a smaller seam allowance to sew together the smaller squares. otherwise the process is the same. They are completed more quickly, creating a sense of accomplishment.

This afternoon I worked on the bag I showed the beginnings of several posts ago. I have the outside sewn together with all of the pockets and piping and interfacing. Once I get the extra stiffening settled in the bottom I will be able to start on the lining. So, on the downhill slide.

Tomorrow is back to school. Hopefully the teachers will become more accustomed to my presence and will start thinking about things I can do to help them.

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  1. You have been busy, I am waiting for the bag pics, and yes, little quilts are so much easier to finish. Cheers, Jean.