Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quilt Repairs Begin

On Friday I began the official Repair Of Bob's Grandmother's Quilt. First I made a diagram of the entire quilt on graph paper. I marked one corner of the quilt with a bright ribbon and designated that as the upper left. Then began examining the quilt top carefully for areas needing attention. Because the quilt is square it was easy to divide it into quarters. I marked the points on the diagram.  This process showed that there are seven patches that need replacing and several places where stitching has become undone.  

So, the first photo shows a very small area at the very edge of the quilt where one patch has begun to ravel.  I think that when I apply new binding this will be covered, but I un-stitched the binding and turned under the ravels and sewed the area down to the batting and the adjacent patch so that it is secured in any case. 

Next there were several areas where the seams had become un-sewn.

Which were fairly easily repaired.

Next time I'll start replacing the disintegrated patches. I'm using The Bottom Line's applique thread in a kind of pale gold color which is really disappearing into the various colors of the patches and the background as well.

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  1. That is a big job to tackle and I love the way you have organized the project.