Saturday, November 2, 2013


I think that's a lovely word and evokes for me a feeling of harmony and rightness.  These days I'm feeling a sense of coalescence in my life in general.   Those of you following my trek through modern life will see this as progress.

It's not that things are necessarily peaceful. I'm staring at a major upheaval. It's that the changes coming are the ones I need.

Meanwhile, in the day to day, I'm visiting Criss Cross Applesauce Land twice a week, and sewing with the Quilters at church one day. I've come to a preliminary decision about next year's Medicare coverage. The radiator cap on my car has been replaced to hopefully eliminate the noise I was hearing from time to time. And I'm making lists.

So, not standing at the crossroads wondering which route I have the energy for, but making forays in likely directions and returning to home base to regroup and rethink.Waiting for some elements to come together and make sense and setting others in motion to see how they will pan out.

How's your week been? Your month, your year? Are things coming together for you? Are you happy with your status quo? Is there a big change coming? How are you coping?


  1. Making decisions is definitely not my favourite place to be, but under pressure I can act better than when I have lots of time. And yes, we hope for some changes, a new challenge, maybe a new home to live in and new friends to share day to day life with. I'm sure whatever you have planned will be for the very best. your pic says so much, I wait to see it in a few months with maybe some gaps as you move in a new direction. Greetings from Jean.

  2. CLUTTER! Returned from a week of camping. No extra dog hair because Nikko was with me, but mess everywhere and a sink of dirty dishes. I think I need another week to catch up.