Thursday, March 27, 2014

Long Time, Nothing New to See

I have been busy. I'm now living in an apartment complex about 7 miles north of my previous abode. I wish I could say I'm totally settled in, but alas I can only claim to have 99% of my "stuff" moved and probably 60% of my things are where I'd like them to be.

The apartment is large by the local standard and reasonably priced. I was fortunate that friends who were downsizing have given me lots of furniture. It's been an exciting time and occasionally quite exhausting. I looked at lots of places that are for persons "over 55" and decided that at least for now I'd rather live in a more natural mixture of ages and stages of life.

You might remember this post showing visitors in my old neighborhood. Here are some year round residents that I see several mornings a week:

I see on the Internet that the designation for a group of peacocks is an Ostentation. How appropriate is that?

(Sorry about the piece of lint on the lens.  I thought I had gotten rid of it!)


  1. The peacocks are very entertaining. The cherry blossoms are about to open. Wish you were here to enjoy them,