Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two new Austen Family Album blocks finished!

On Monday this week I got the good news that my dear Sensei in Japan had shipped the solid taupe fabric I needed. She said it would take about a week to get here. Both of us were shocked when it showed up here in Florida on Thursday! So I've been busy with the two blocks I needed to make to be caught up when the next block which should be announced tomorrow.

The London Roads block was named for Jane's brother Henry who had at first planned to be come a pastor like his father and brother, however he found a second career in the army and then on return to civilian lifeAusten Family Album Quilt.

became a banker in London. Jane spent a lot of time in London with Henry and his wife. He acted as her agent. You can of course read more detail in the

In this block I used lots of the taupe fabric which lets the street arrows really stand out.

Edward Austen, another of Jane's brothers, led a bit of a charmed life compared to some of the others and the block Good Fortune is for him. please check out this blog entry to get the whole story of the twists and turns in his life.

As you can see, these blocks are simple in comparison to some of the others. they went together fairly easily, with just the usual matching of points and seams to attend to.

Let's see what tomorrow brings with block #11 in this quilt block of the week adventure.

Which is your favorite so far?


  1. Philadelphia, my fav so far, you are a whizz at getting those blocks done so quickly.Cheers,Jean

  2. My favorite is the way they all go so well together. How large are the blocks?
    I am amazed at how quickly that small piece of information went from an address to a bunch of fabric.

  3. Thanks, Nancy. Considering my small experience in actual quilt piecing I find my lifetime of general sewing experience is assisting in the weekly challenge. Julie, the blocks finish at 12" so when I get them all done (35 I think) it will be quite sizable for one who has never made a quilt of any size but a wall hanging.

  4. Hi Georgia,
    My favorites are the updates tat you write for us. Next to that my favorites are the first row, second block and second row first block.
    Overcast , cool day here in Maine.


  5. Thanks Bob, I enjoy your updates too when you write them.
    To everyone else reading the comments, notice my three fans. When you read a blog you may or may not want to "talk back" to the blogger, but even if you do, chances are you don't. 27 people have looked at the blog this morning and my three loyal fans responded. You can always choose anonymous as your identity. But more comments would really be appreciated!