Saturday, October 12, 2013

Being a Senior Citizen in Florida I

Last year when I returned to Florida I had already applied for Medicare and had a certain number of days to obtain Supplemental Coverage.  Fortunately I had some good friends who could refer me to an agent who helped me make a decision by the deadline.

What I'm finding one year later is that this was one of several areas where my decision making skills were taxed. It was quite difficult for me to decide how much was a reasonable amount to have to pay for different services; how it would all work together and what the bottom line would be.

This year I have reached full retirement age and have begun receiving Social Security Benefits. The bottom line has become a lot more clear. My real needs are more evident.

On my return, there were many things I felt very strongly about.  Some of those things I put into practice immediately, other things I put on hold.  Now I'm finding it's time to make some changes.  I'm really glad to be able to think a bit more clearly and not have strong emotions guide me so much.

One by one, step by step, little by little I'll get there.


  1. That is an issue that concerns me too should I return to the states. Japanese National health insurance covers a lot and I have not so many problems that need help. (Traction and a massage for 110 yen and basic dental and medications at a good discount).

  2. I don't know, Julie. It seems to me that if the Japanese system will continue to cover you, it's pretty much of a muchness. You might find that Medicare costs more in the long run. There are some supplemental plans that will cover you when you are out of the country, but not all, and there is usually a cap on payment. I think you might be okay as you are.

  3. Love your clip art, at the crossroads of life at that time. Here we have National Superannuation, at 65, a payment every 2 weeks, public health system paid by the government, private health insurance a personal option. Doctor and dentist and optician need to be paid by ourselves. Older age gets scary!!! Cheers from Jean.