Saturday, October 5, 2013

October 5, 2012, The Cotswolds.

After our lazy morning, Hannah drove us to her parent's home. I had met her mom by email when Hannah first came to Japan and helped me at the Guest Home. She showed me some paper piecing she was working on. Hundreds of 'hexies' pieced together by hand in the English paper piecing style.  I was impressed.  

Hannah and her parents
Our objective for the afternoon was to take a brief driving tour through a section of the Cotswolds and to have lunch at a nice pub they knew.  Sometime in the late afternoon they would find me a train that would take me on toward London. I was expected back at Ruth's that evening. The weather was a bit cloudy and drizzly. We drove through lovely countryside and small villages. Everywhere were the characteristic buildings of sandstone. Lots of thatched roofs too.  It was really lovely.  We had our pub lunch and stopped in one village where there were several gift shops. We also visited an organic farm market that also sold housewares. It was really quite big and had lots of the things to look at and food to think about buying. 

All too soon we were figuring out a train route and found the rail station they had in mind. I was on my way again by British Rail. I'm pretty sure that Clapham Junction played a role in my return trip, it being the center of the universe, and once there I knew I wasn't far from my destination. I walked from Frimley station in steady light rain and got back to Ruth's just on time for her return from her day's activities. We were both glad to be warm and dry..

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