Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Faults of Memory

I find it interesting that there are parts of my trip around the UK last year that are quite clear in my memory and other parts are not.  I have theorized on the reasons this might be.  One factor I believe is how much it was my responsibility to know where I was going, did I have to catch a specific train at a specific platform for example. Another factor I think is what kinds of pictures I have in the files. I took a lot of pictures on this trip and the program they loaded into in my computer automatically grouped them by date taken which has been a tremendous help to my memory.  Another factor I think is what I was doing, where my mind was focused during the travel.

And so we come to October 2, 2012. I put myself in the capable hands of my hostess who drove me around in the car all day. I had been tired the night before and did not plug in the battery for my camera for overnight recharging. I have only three photos from this date. Two were the view from Mary's place and one was the Irish Harp Symbol done in sculptured hedge from the garden we visited that day.  I remembered we went to a National Trust property to see the gardens and home there. Then there was mind focus.  I was centered on my hostesses on this trip, catching up with various things they have been doing and plans for the future. There was also quite a bit of time spent in thinking about what I had just been through in Japan and my leave taking of the job and friends and places that meant a great deal to me.

So I emailed Alison to ask if her memory was better than mine.  I knew it would be. She had planned for my visit and had so many things to show me in her homeland. Here is her account of the day's travels:

We drove from our home near Ballyclare to Mary's home in Groomsport. We then drove down the east coast of the Ards Peninsula to Greyabbey where we had lunch. After that we drove across to the west (inland) coast (Strangford Lough) of the Ards Peninsula and stopped off at Mountstewart Gardens.                                                                                                                                                   And, here are the photos:

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