Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nearing the Finish

October 8, 2012; Ruth's kind niece was willing to take us by car to Windsor on this day. The weather was a bit drizzly, but bearable. One of our objectives was to do a little shopping along with our sight seeing.

Of course Windsor is the home of the Queen's favorite weekend home.

We didn't do the tour, but walked along the high street.
The Thames flows through Windsor as well and here there are lots of swans and other water birds.
There was an authentic Pillar Box on the street.
And around the corner from the castle was the Queen's official Pharmacy.
Across the river is Eton.  This was one of the uniform shops. It seems like a lot of gear for a scholar to keep track of. The students we saw didn't look quite this neat or well put together somehow.
A peek into a residential area.
And up on the hill is Eton.

We had a lovely stroll and then a big chunk of time for lunch and shopping. I even found a pair of trousers in my size and on sale at Marks and Spencer. I also got a few last minute souvenirs.

Meanwhile at home in Florida some of my friends were preparing for my return.  One had a plumber come by and check that I wouldn't have any rude surprises. Other friends cleaned the house which had unexpectedly sat unoccupied for four years not one. Food in the fridge and sheets on the bed.  They thought of everything!

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