Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Day Off!

Saturday is my day off here.  With Rowena's help I really do get to take off if I choose, or stay in bed all day.

Today I got on the train and rode out a few stops to Tsudanuma.  I've likely written about this town before.  Actually the station is in Narashino City of which Tsudanuma is a part.  The mental tie to this town is that I remember it as where I was the first time I knew, I had a Divine Appointment to meet someone.

Another great reason to visit there is the big craft store called Yuzawaya. They have stores all over the Tokyo area, and this one is the most convenient to me.  They were having the most humongous sale that it didn't take long for me to go into sensory overload. Percentages off and special pricing, all written in Japanese of course. Lots of red signs. I took some photos with my camera and maybe some day I'll be able to load them somewhere usable.

I went to the third floor where there is a very nice Daiso, 100 yen shop.  Got some things and took mental notes to come back before I head for the States.

I also visited the building across the street which is a kind of small shopping mall. By then I was tired and after checking if the rest rooms were still as nice as before, I headed back to Ichikawa.

Above is a photo of today's drink of choice - Calpis Water.  Another mildly flavored beverage. Not carbonated. The drinks I choose here are usually light and refreshing.  Not overloaded with sugar or strong flavor.  I'll have to look for another favorite, Momo Water next.

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