Thursday, May 5, 2016

Today's Lunch

Had to go to the store a bit earlier today because I needed to stock the kitchens in preparation for a short term team arriving this evening from Canada.  So I decided to pick up some lunch as well.  I opted for a traditional quick meal.  These triangles are Onigiri.  I was in Japan several times before I learned that Japanese people often call these Musube, from the word that means "to wrap". These consist of a filling wrapped in seasoned rice in turn wrapped in a piece of nori.

Today I chose my two favorites: Ume and Tuna Mayo. Ume boshi are pickled plums. Tuna Mayo is what Americans would call Tuna Salad. They are wrapped in an ingenious Japanese manner to preserve the crispiness of the nori. Rather than reinvent the wheel, here's a link to one of many YouTube videos describing the proper way to unwrap this food.

The soft drink is Aquarius. It's a Japanese Sports Drink, but don't think "Gatorade".  This is a mildly citrus flavored drink purported to contain all kinds of beneficial minerals and aminos. I've always considered it to be pleasant. I have felt rather dry the last day or two, despite drinking water and tea and coffee, so I thought this might be good.

At the grocery store I also picked up some overripe bananas on the special rack reserved for cut price-beginning to be past their usefulness, produce items. Reduced price of course.  I'm almost ready to try a new recipe for banana bread for next week's guests who will be participating in special leadership training. If it turns out well I may just remember to post a picture. Stay tuned :)

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