Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cooking For Those Who Appreciate Food

This week we are hosting a training here at JHQ. Since it is our Mission's training and our colleagues attending, some meals are provided.  Of course someone has to cook the meals. This time Rowena and I are sharing the responsibility.  Today was my turn.

I prepared some raw vegetables and dip for the fresh part of the meal and roast chicken for the protein. There was also Japanese rice and some cake.  The meal was colorful and attractive to my eye, so I took a couple photos:

As I mentioned, there was also rice - two rice cookers full.

So, when you cook for those who appreciate food, you have to expect results like the photo below. The rice is not shown in this photo either, but there were a couple of servings left.

Not all of the cake was eaten immediately, but I did notice that some folks chose to get theirs first - you know the adage, "Life is uncertain, eat your dessert first."

I've been informed by my fan that everyone is happy to see that I'm blogging again.  When I questioned who the everyone might be exactly, I was told that it was all the people and cats that matter.

Now, to cook myself something to eat.


  1. You bet! So wishing I could have taken a little nibble.

  2. I actually didn't get much more than a nibble my own self 😊

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