Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Doing Cyber Acrobatics

Well the method is not pretty, but I figured out a way to take photos with my Kindle Fire which upload to "the Cloud". Then I can share them to Facebook from there and from FB I can download to Dropbox (a different Cloud) And from Dropbox I can upload to here.  The issue I'm skirting is that I am using a computer here that does not have a program installed that will process photo files.  So since it is not my computer but just the one in my office I don't want to bog it down with extra programs.  I got permission to install Dropbox so that I can continue to work on Japan Harvest magazine, so it's the only bit of storage that's mine.

If anyone else understands what I'm saying and can provide a less convoluted solution I'm taking suggestions.

So, the photo you can see here is of tonight's dinner at my house - Ramen. Note that I did not make it from dry noodles in a Styrofoam cup, but from fresh noodles I bought at my local supermarket.  This kit contained three servings of noodles and three packets of soup concentrate.  I added some leftover chicken and some vegetables along with a boiled egg which you can see is somewhere between "hard' and "soft" boiled and seems to be the norm here.  So much yummier that you poor folk who are stuck with Cup Noodle or other brands of petrified dried noodles.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you about the chopsticks (O Hashi). Note the grooves at the pointier end. These are for eating noodles.


  1. You are getting creative at solving the problems ... and cooking up stuff with Japanese instructions too. Maybe I need to come around for a few lessons.

    1. Survival Japanese! That's why I was sent to Sapporo for the month of February in 2009. You will be welcome any time you want to come around. <3