Saturday, May 21, 2016

To The Park!

Saturday's my day off.  Coming from retirement to the Guest Home this time hasn't seemed much like work because my old list of responsibilities is shared with others. However, During the week I am aware of meeting the expectations of those I work with in being certain places at certain times and of course taking responsibility for those tasks that are mine. So Saturdays I really make a conscious effort to be "off duty."

Today at the suggestion of several friends I decided not to waste the beautiful sunny breezy weather and to visit Osu-Bosai Park. This is in my old neighborhood. When I had my own apartment some years ago, I knew this to be a place to go to if there was a severe earthquake.  There are places designated around our town that are not overhung by buildings where people should gather to be out of the danger of things falling on them. To make use of the space without compromising the purpose there are some simple structures and areas made for sports, nature and information.  There is also a rose garden.  I saw one plaque near the entrance path that said something about Roseheim, Germany which I know to be one of Ichikawa City's Sister cities.

The blooms were just past their prime but the colors were still stunning.

There is also a Water Feature in the park. This wee waterfall becomes a stream that runs a little way along with the "stone" bed and rocks placed decoratively along the "banks".  I remember a young man who on a visit to Auntie Georgia's Big House was taken to this park to play in the month of January. He thought the water looked mighty inviting and decide to take a little wade.  He found it a bit chilly I'm told.

Returning to the Guest Home I took one last rose shot.  This is a Queen Elizabeth Rose that was presented to the OMF Guest Home on the occasion of the dedication of the buildings by retired OMFer, Isabel Bowman in 1999.

I took a lot more pictures with my regular camera (these I took with my tablet because I could "get" them to post them here).  There is a little hope that I might be able to get my pictures from my camera to my tablet. I posted previously that I hadn't been able to upload successfully because of the limitations of the computer I'm using in the office.  If I can find an OTG cable that will fit my Kindle fifth generation, I could attach the cable from my camera to it. I just haven't been able to locate the exact piece of stuff to fit.  Still working on it though!


  1. So glad I hve a temporary internet connection long enough to check out your post ... and maybe comment. It was a fine day and you found a great way to enjoy it. I was in the woods with the cub scouts ... 6 hours of nature hikes and I seem to have left my voice somewhere in the back woods. (not a lot of singing today)

    1. Thanks for checking in Julie. I can't believe how hard it is to get a wifi connection here. I get spoiled here at OMF - we're fully wired :)