Friday, January 4, 2013

Friendly Advice

My dear friend Julie's comment on yesterday's post inspired me today. I have been back in my U.S. home since early October and except to test my sewing machine to see if the lights still lit up when I turned it on, I have not spent any time in my sewing room doing any sewing.  What have I been thinking?

So this morning I installed the sewing machine in it's table, running the wires in the proper places and did a tiny job of repair on a shirt I noticed needed doing on laundry day. I also put my serger into it's table, oiled it and attempted to thread it.  I had made an appointment to get my hair done and had to stop before I succeeded in the job, but it felt like such progress!

At the hairdresser's I had an opportunity to talk about Japan and my trip to the UK to someone who hadn't heard any of it before and asked interesting questions. I was invited to come sit while she set another lady's hair and talk.  I didn't even blink when one of them asked if I could see Mt Vesuvius from where I lived in Tokyo.

Now, back to that serger.  I'm sure I can master it!


  1. Georgia, you have such a gift with your creativity and are smart enough to make a machine do your bidding (which is more than I can say for myself).As long as you don't snack while you sew, it will count for exercise!

  2. I am sure you have good eyesight, but not that good surely... 10,000 km , did the lady mean Mt Fuji ?? your machine will be used almost every day, I can see projects already in your mind and in the planning stages. Cheers from Jean