Monday, January 21, 2013

Muslin Number Two

Here's  a photo of the first muslin I did the other day. As I stated in the previous blog entry, the neckline is much too wide for my taste.  Maybe in a younger day, but with my bust line now, this style sort of made a presentation of my head and neck. So, I moved on to another pattern and another piece of fabric from my stash.
This is the casual knit top I finished this afternoon.  You can see some similar design features, but the neckline is much more reasonable for me.  I finished this, hems and all and will no doubt wear it around the house, maybe further, but it does need one modification to the fit.  I need to raise the neckline in the back due to my rounded upper back (sometimes unflatteringly named a widow's hump or some such horrible appellation.) In any case, it's there and has been for decades and affects the way tops "sit" and usually makes the center back pull up.  Sometimes the yoke will compensate for it, but in the case of this pattern, it needs more help. 

This pattern may be made in woven fabric as well, and I think that a rayon or some other drapey fabric would work well.


  1. I do like the white top, Georgia, would small, thinner shoulder pads help with a better fit? I can see it in a drapey material, lovely for summer. Cheers from Jean

  2. I could never wear such a scooped neckline. It would be falling off one or another shoulders all the time. I bought a top with such a neck because I loved the fabric and color. Now I am thinking what I might add to make it fit better.

    1. Wear it with a t-shirt or turtleneck?