Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where Shopping is a Pleasure

I might as well admit it first thing, I like shopping, especially grocery shopping.  I think that in most countries I have visited I have wanted to see what the local grocery or market looks like.  Here in Florida we have several chain grocery stores and even if I do visit one or two of the others, the one I really like is the one with the slogan I have used for my title, Publix.

If I make that statement around people who live here I may get a response that indicates that they think that I'm wasting my money; everyone knows that Publix prices are higher than elsewhere. I have seen surveys over the years usually sending someone to each of the major contenders to purchase the same basket of commonly used foods. They then show the differences in price and declare one store the low price leader.

Price isn't everything. I'm big on cleanliness and wide aisles. I also like helpful, knowledgeable staff, attractively displayed produce. Having an on site bakery is great if the products are nice looking and great tasting.

However, the way you shop makes a big difference.  I'm one of those people who keep at least a minimal "pantry" of packaged, canned or frozen food that I like and use.  Once I have established that, I am free to buy fruits and vegetables in season and products that I use regularly when they are specially priced.  One of the hardest things to get together when I returned to Florida was a basic pantry.  I needed everything.

Of course I don't have a family to consider, and I have really cut back on meat in my diet, so I know that my way of shopping won't suit everyone. Even so, Publix has gone a step further in making my shopping a pleasure.  They have a free android app available which I downloaded to my phone.  I can look at the weekly ad and make my shopping list.  I have told it which store I shop in, so the list appears divided up into the numbered aisles of my store. Today at the checkout I showed the cashier and the young woman doing the bagging. They had, of course heard about the app, but had no idea it was really useful. It really was fun - me a 65 year old showing a couple twenty-somethings a great app on my phone.

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  1. Ha ha! And did that young dog learn the new trick? I agree that price isn't everything. Who wants bashed up bananas or fruit that is only suitable for feeding the birds?