Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Pain, No Gain?

I've disliked that saying since the first time I saw it on the wall of the workout room at a gym I visited for a time.  Does gain always have to be painful?  I think not, but also know that painless gain is rare. The event that brought on this musing today was the walk I took around the neighborhood wearing my new walking shoes.  They fit really well considering I bought them online. I did know when I bought them from the Earth Shoe Company that they would have negative heels - the company's term for the way they construct the shoe, so that when you wear them you stretch your leg muscles. In younger days I wore out several pairs of the same type of shoe. Now with my older body I find many parts complaining about the extra stretch after my walk. So, here's hoping for some gain in my fitness level.
On an entirely different topic, I finished reading the second book of Terry Pratchit's Discworld series. I heard about them from friends in Japan; Friends from New Zealand and England. I remember finding it improbable that the books could be any good as I had never heard of them or the author.  Goodness Gracious! I can be an insufferable American. The Light Fantastic contains several of the best (worst) puns I have ever come across. Thanks R.P. and G.O. for the recommendation.


  1. David loves them too. I find them insufferable (the books, that is). As for Americans who don't know everything about the world that there is to know...

  2. Lots of quilting getting done this holiday week ... especially since there was no choir practice giving me three and a half extra hours... and no Scout District meeting (another four hours) and not a lot of pain either.