Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

It is progress, if slow, and sometimes the places revisited are worth the journey. 

Today we returned to our regular schedule at the church, laying out squares for new quilts, sewing tops together and knotting the layers together. We gave one more quilt away to one of our people being cared for at home by her husband. That made a total of 70 quilts made and given away last year. This is less than the total for last year, so we are making an effort to do better this year.

Leaving there I went to pick up a check that needed to be deposited in the bank. I went to a branch of my bank I visit infrequently and the teller was someone I met years ago. The daughter of friends. She knew something of my recent work in Japan and asked some very insightful questions.  The bank wasn't busy so we were able to chat a bit. It was lovely to be listened to. To have someone be truly interested in what I've been doing, where I've been. However, some of the ground we covered was still able to bring tears close to the surface and scrape at the healing wounds.

I've decided that I need to work at cultivating friendships new and old.


  1. Georgia, that shouldn't be so hard for you. You are a great friend ...just so darn far away!

  2. Georgia,, you have friends all over, with our blogs. If it seems a bit uphill, put on your spiked shoes and dig your feet in hard. Your quilts are made with so much thought and care, I know they will be much treasured always. Greetings from Jean. (p.s. I need to find some spikes for my own shoes very soon !!)