Monday, September 23, 2013


July through November is our family's Birthday sector.  It seems most families have some part of the year when most of these celebrations cluster. I am notorious for forgetting birthdays and anniversaries of those I love.  I'm not proud of it, but somehow I rarely have been able to come up with appropriate greetings on any sort of regular basis.  I have been trying to turn over a new leaf (yet again) to say something, send an email or mail a card even if it is a few days or weeks late. A sad state of affairs and I'm sure it says something about my personality or childhood or something.

This week marks some special remembrances for me. I started actively thinking about it when I received an email from the couple who now run the Ichikawa Guest Home. They've been there a year, which means I've been gone for a similar amount of time.

I've been to Japan four times and have come home from each of those trips in the late summer/early autumn. The last trip ended last year on September 25 when I flew from Tokyo to London.

I've said many times before, this last transition to the US from Japan was a difficult. But, you know what? I'm starting to get over it. I no longer am reduced to tears thinking of all that I left behind. I have started to embrace where I am now. Ready to think about moving forward, making decisions I couldn't come to grips with as yet.

A year ago today, I was being farewell-ed by my friends at church, watching the end of the Sumo tournament and being taken to a really nice restaurant for dinner.

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  1. How lucky I was to know you while you were here! Making changes is not easy to do, especially when you are enjoying what you was doing. I had a friend who moved into an assisted living home long before she needed it because she wanted to make that transition while she could still adjust. I still think that was a smart move.