Sunday, September 1, 2013

September First

This last week has been one to be glad to be finished with. Two days without air conditioning and then a good sized repair bill to follow. Waiting for the repairman I missed one day of volunteering at school and my usual Wednesday at church doing sewing with the ladies.  The week finished up with the funeral of a church member who has been a great example of a servant leader.

So, I'm happy to see the first of a new month and the first of the week coinciding and the feeling of having a new start. Tomorrow, of course is Labor Day and laundry day. Hopefully I will get two days in at school as well as my Wednesday sewing. One more solid month of hot weather  with the hope of cooler temps in October.

I received an email from the couple who replaced me at the Guest Home. They reminded me that it has been a year since they moved to Japan. Soon it will be a year since I left.  Many things have changed and many have stayed the same for me. It's time to get settled in and move on from here.

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  1. I think a few cooler days have headed here. We sure can use them and it improves my outlook on things in general. Hope things are looking up for you.