Saturday, September 28, 2013

North to the Land of My Forbears

I suppose, since I spent the majority of the day on one train or another, it is not so surprising that this is the only photo I took on September 28, 2012. I remember trying to take some out of the train window that were not successful.

On that day one year ago, I went from the Midlands of England to the heart of Glasgow. It was a Friday, and as the afternoon progressed, the train became a sort of rolling party with people leaving their weekly toil behind and kicking back on their way to the weekend.

Unlike the day before I had a window to watch the passing landscape. There was quite a bit of rain, and in late afternoon there were rainbows.

At Glasgow Central I was met by dear friend John and was whisked away to join Elspeth for dinner at home. Great beginning to some great reunions in the next two days.

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  1. Georgia, Scotland has family connections for me too, my Mum was born in Cambuslang and the family came to NZ in 1909. Lovely to read of your travels from Japan to US again. Cheers, Jean.