Thursday, September 12, 2013

One of Those Years

When I saw a friend today she was shaking her head and looking skyward.  "It's one of those days," she said. I replied that I felt like I had had "one of those years."  She couldn't believe that was possible, but with a string of anniversaries coming up for me I really feel this has been a year that is better behind me.  One of the most difficult aspects of my year was the amount of time it took me to work through the issues of returning to America after being away four years.

I'm a bit better now. Not so resentful of my home country for being what it is. I've pushed myself to get out and do some volunteer work. Now I'm reevaluating the need for additional income and keeping healthy.

A year ago, I was still in Japan, showing my able replacements at the Guest Home the ropes. The farewell parties and get-togethers had already started and I had booked my flights in and out of the UK and on to Florida. I had started to pack. I ran on adrenalin to get things done.  More excitement was on the horizon.

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  1. Georgia, changes need time to be accepted into our lives, and yours was radical, retirement does not always sit easy on our shoulders, I would so like to be many years younger and doing what I am doing right now, but know I need to make the most of every good day. As each anniversary passes, that is one less to jump over. Take care, many fond greetings, Jean.