Sunday, September 29, 2013

It wasn't there when we were young, but it's not new!

(I need to say up front that this picture of the Taylors and the one below of the Andersons  are ones that I got from Facebook.)

The 29th last year was a Saturday, of course. My gracious hosts, the Taylors had not only extended to me the hospitality they are now world famous for, but had devised a full schedule of activities that included meeting up with some special old friends.

James was on the 1999 OMF Office Project Building Team. Since then he has married and they have had a son, and he has gotten fit enough to fit into his kilt again.

You have to love the Anderson tartan; well I do anyway.

In the afternoon we drove to Largs and had ice cream with this great couple.  Gerry and Emmie were also on the building team.  They were newlyweds then. A year ago they were going strong.

In the early evening Elspeth and I drove through their neighborhood to see another couple, Ailsa and Ralph. Ailsa had been the OMF Field Nurse in Japan when I was there in previous years.

What a day, full of great reminiscences, laughs and catching up.

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